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This is the first web app I've ever made. It's a Ruby on Rails app I made for friends and family to share their favorite things with one another. They are split up by categories so that if you want to find a new show to watch, you can see what your friends and family have recommended.


My own take on the Pokedex using React and pulling all the data from the PokeAPI.


See the Pen Whale Animation by Josiah (@SilasOtoko) on CodePen.

This is an animated concept of what I eventually want to become an online reading experience for kids.

See the Pen SightWords by Josiah (@SilasOtoko) on CodePen.

This is a learning game I made for my oldest son so he could practice identifying "sight words".

See the Pen ButtonClicker by Josiah (@SilasOtoko) on CodePen.

This is a simple game I made for my kids. I've realized that a great way to test user experience assumptions is to use my kids since they cannot read, and because it's interesting seeing how they expect things to work using nothing more than their limited intuition. The idea for this one was to see if they could figure out what was expected of them without any instruction. It didn't work very well as I had to show them what to do but the game is kinda addicting.