About Me

My name is Josiah Schaefer and I am a web developer residing in Indianapolis. I come from a Psychology background and have worked a couple years in the social field.

I’ve been married to my wife, Hallie, for 6 years now. We have three kids now, two boys and a girl. Hallie and I met in College where we were both going for Psychology degrees. I switched to Web Development a couple years after graduating and things have taken off for me since then.

Josiah with his Wife and kids.

I’m pictured here with my wife and kids for a family photo. There is a pleasant backdrop of a koi pond and green trees.

My Family

My kids’ names are Benjamin, Gabriel, and Emberlyn. These guys keep us pretty busy, but they are also a joy to have and keep us plenty entertained. After a hard day at work, they greet me at the door with happiness and little hugs and make it feel all worth it.

I try to keep a good work/life balance so I can spend plenty of time with my wife and kids. Family is really important to me and although I know I’m competing with many young people who don’t have responsibilities like kids and can focus more on their careers, the desire to take care of my family keeps me motivated and I’m okay with taking things at a slower pace.